Sunday, May 15, 2011

Working With The Womens Ultimate Frisbee Team

This semester I volunteered to help coach the SUNY Cortland Womens Ultimate Frisbee Team.  My main job was to assist Holly Norsen in teaching the girls how to play.  She was in charge most of the time so I mainly followed her lead.  The girls made a lot of improvements throughout the semester.  One down side was I did not get to see the girls play in a real game.  Due to weather and other issues, the only tournament some of the girls played in was in Georgia over spring break.  I was not able to attend this tournament.  Over
all I enjoyed this experience and learned a lot about a sport that is becoming more and more popular.

EDU 255 Final- Prezi

Here is a presentation I made using about an interesting article on how exercise affects learning.

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It can also be found at:

EDU 255 Final- Daily Burn

I am very impressed with  The site is very easy to use.  It has everything mapped out for you in order to do a workout plan of your choosing.  In the workout section, it provides recommended workouts while also allowing you to add you own workouts.  I was really surprised that they even had the exact type of protein shake that I drink in the nutrition section.  I do not currently use anything like this.  This is partially because I didn't know sites like this existed.  I usually just keep a rough estimate in my head of my workouts and how healthy my diet is.  I will definitely consider continuing to use so that I can really keep track of my progress.  This website is perfect for meeting NYS Standard 1B.  The standard requires that students come up with their own fitness plan which is exactly what this site does for you.  It takes your goals and current physical status, then maps out how to reach those goals.  I would use the forums section to let students post their progress.  This is an easy way for me to see if students are staying on track.  I see Youtube as a great electronic tool for seeing if students meet NYS Standard 1A.  I would record them doing a skill in class then post in on my channel.  Students can go on anytime they like and watch themselves.  I would also provide the student with analysis of what they did well and what they need to improve.  By using a spreadsheet, I can keep track of student progress.  By using these and possibly other cues, I can tell just how well a student can do something such as dribble a basketball.  I would use something similar to this for other sports.  A certain grade would be passing and all students would have to achieve this score.  Technology is making it easier and easier for people to be physically educated.  It just takes a little bit of effort to find these things and put them to good use.