Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lab B2- Entering and Exiting Long Jump Rope

Lab B2 was an interesting one. I was less nervous than usual while teaching entering and exiting the long jump rope. I went a little longer than I was allowed to, but I guess that's OK. I liked my hook of seeing the cave and I got a couple of giggles from it. I was nervous about doing the demonstrations because explaining and doing the skill at the same time seemed difficult but I did fine. I still need a lot of work on my feedback. While watching the video, I watched myself watch a student, then not say anything. There was definitely something I could have said every single time that happened. Also, I still need to remember to keep my back to the wall, not the students. At one point, one group tangled together and was fooling around. It took me a little long to notice, but when I did I think I handled it well.  I knew that pretty much everybody knew how to do these skills, so I tried to give them some specific cues that they performed well.  In the first part of the lesson, a girl joined the class.  The group she joined now had 5 people in it and the other group had 3 people in it.  I asked Trent to join the other group so that both groups had 4 people.  I think this worked out a lot better because everybody was able to have equal activity time.  Overall, I think I did well, but I still need to work on giving feedback.

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