Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lab C- Goalball

Teaching goalball was a different experience for me.  I had never seen or played this game, so it was something totally new to me.  I had to watch YouTube videos and search for rules to the game.  I decided to use one of them just to show the class what we were working towards.  In this lesson I did not use any music.  Students had to hear the ball coming or they would have no idea where it was.  This may have taken away from energy from the class, but it was necessary.
Looking at the video, I could have spread people out more on the defensive practice so that there would be no chance of people diving into each other.  On the first drill using the blindfolds, I did a poor job of explaining the drill.  Students didn't realized that they could take off their blindfolds to catch the ball from their partner which led to a big mess.  I corrected it, but should have pointed it out earlier.  Since somebody taught before me, I didn't get a chance to set the nets up early and then forgot to in between lessons.  Setting them up for the last part of the lesson wasted some time.  I thought using the whistle for the part of the lesson was beneficial.  One of the rules in goalball is that players have to wait for the referee's whistle in order to throw, so students got to learn that rule.  It also added structure to the class.  Everybody was orderly and on the same page.
I am feeling more and more comfortable every time I have to teach.  I am finding that writing up a script of what I want to say really helps.  I can get all my thoughts down and review them for a couple days.

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