Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lab A2- Volleyball Setting

I feel like this lab went much better than last time.  I was able to prepare at home so I knew what I wanted to have students do.  We talked in class about having a hook that would get students interested in the lesson for the day.  I decided to connect setting a volleyball to looking out a window at a snow storm.  I think that gave students a good cue to remember when performing this skill.  When I wrote out my transcript, I realized that I said "alright" a lot.  I didn't even realize I was doing that.  Not saying that so much would probably be a good thing.  I totally forgot to do a checking for understanding in the beginning.  Because there was an uneven amount of students, there was a group of three.  I didn't say anything to them, but they knew how to set themselves up so that everybody in the group got a chance to practice.  Littler kids might now know how to do this, so I need to remember to give them more direction.  I think I could have walked around the group more and given people more positive feedback.  I did stop them to give them corrective feedback, but it is also important to make sure students know what they are doing right.  This gives them more confidence in what they are doing, and will probably lead to better performance.  I thought the competition at the end was a good idea because this is a relatively easy drill that everybody can be successful at. This proved to be true when every group had approximately the same score.  Overall, I thought I did much better in this lab than last time.  I was able to ignore the camera better and had more confidence in what I was doing.

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