Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rink Chapter 1 Questions

1. When it is said that teaching is a goal-oriented activity, that means that we are trying to get students to a certain level of performance.  Teachers want students to uphold standards such as the National Content Standards for Physical Education Programs.  Students all come into the class at different levels.  We want all students to improve, and at least reach an acceptable level of performance.  Teachers have to make these goals realistic, but challenging at the same time so that students do not get bored but also have a high chance of success.

4. The process teachers use to teach content is important because teachers need to make sure everybody in the class gets equal exposure to the skill.  The process needs to be educational, but also make itself something of interest to the students.  If students do not develop an enjoyment of physical activities, they will be less likely to participate in class.  When this happens, they will fall behind their classmates who have interest in the activities.

5. Movement task-student response is a critical part of Physical Education.  Students need to know what is expected of them.  They need instruction on what is to be done during class.  It is the teachers responsibility to convey this.  The student response is where a teacher can tell if a student understands what needs to be done and if they can do it.  If the response is negative, the teacher may need to redefine the task for the student.  When the response is positive, the lesson can go on and possibly provide the students with tougher challenges.  If this did not exist, classes would be in chaos.

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