Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rink Chapter 7 Questions

4. Six behaviors teachers can engage in during activity that have the potential to directly contribute to lesson objectives are maintaining a safe learning environment, clarifying and reinforcing tasks for learners, observing and analyzing students responses, providing feedback to learners, changing or modifying tasks for individuals and small groups, and maintaining a productive learning environment.

6. One way to get a off task student on task is to provide feedback on student performance.  This can be done in a few ways.  The teacher can give direct positive feedback to the off task student when they are on task.  Students like to receive positive feedback, so when you give it to them, they are more likely to do more on task behavior in an effort to get more positive feedback.  Another way is to give positive feedback to on task students around the off task student.  The off task student will hear their peers getting positive feedback, and will be more likely to get on task.

7. (1) This class is doing a very good job of dribbling with the fingertips.
(2) This group needs to try not to catch the ball in the palm of your glove.
(3) Johnny, bend your knees a little bit more on your free throws for more power.

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